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WFH ....Work From Home

Hey reader,

At this time it is not enough to meet only basic needs. And you people know that basic needs are changing day by day. If we talk about 10 years ago. At that time cell phones are not basic, but now they are basic needs like food and shelter.

And if we see that most of the people meet their basic needs only by their salary and some of them are able to save even a small.

But if we see others who are enjoying life and comparing themselves with them then it is only a matter of money.

So I think we should do another job to make money and enjoy it.

Yes, I know you guys are thinking that doing two things is a lot of trouble to balance professional and personal life but if I say that there is something that you can do and make money and it won't make you too busy.

That thing is work from home ie WFH

Let me elaborate.

Work from home describes work being done remotely rather than at the office. Or you can say that from home.

There are many companies in the world who like WFH and for them, it is just a work thing you can do from anywhere.

WFH jobs are available in every industry for full-time, halftime, weekends, and few hours. You can choose according to your need and your convenience.

As you know ,Last year, due to the coronavirus epidemic, many organizations shifted their employees from office to WFH. And many organizations are still on WFH.

Now, Many organizations are looking at WFH as a permitting option because there are so many benefits for both employer and employee.

Employers do not have to spend much on infrastructure such as office buildings, work stations, electricity, pantries, etc. On the other hand employees prefer to work from home. And you will see that in the coming years most of the industry is emphasizing this

I a question arises in your mind:

What skills do you need to work from home?.

Few skills related to WFH are-

  • Self Motivation

  • Be Punctual for your work

  • Good Team player

  • Well aware with digital tools

  • Knowledge of computer/Internet

  • Good Communication.

  • Pro-activeness

How will you get this job?

After this , I'll share my experience of WFH with you guys.

Snug clothes

Along with work there is a little pressure on clothes too because our personality affects our work and every time when I have to get ready for the office I waste many minutes selecting better clothes. But now as i am working from home there is no need to waste time in selecting clothes and now i just wear comfortable clothes and put more concentration on my work.

Pollution free environment

Whenever we have to travel either by public or private transport we inhale the polluted air…we already know that polluted air is dangerous for our health but we are compelled to do so.

Spend time with family

All the time my family having issues that i never have the time to celebrate special event ….always they are complaining that i give less time to my family you know the reason behind this is my office schedule ,but now with WFH i give more and more time to my family, they are enjoying and feeling happy.



If you are having a little bit knowledge of computers. You can easily rock on this profession.


For this job you have to keep some knowledge of sales and purchase means about the marketing. If you love marketing you will be on the top.


Beside all this there is one wonderful and comfortable job for you i.e. TEACHING. You can teach children online.By giving tuition you can brighten the student's career and be their motivator.

Digital Marketing

It is a type of marketing that is done by digital platforms, such as search engines, websites, social media, email and mobile apps.

I think this article will help you to know better about WFH. If you have any doubt so you may ask the questions...i will try my best to clear your queries.


Akanksha Upadhyay
Akanksha Upadhyay
Jan 24, 2021

Great perspective..!!👍🏻


Raghav maurya
Raghav maurya
Jan 24, 2021

Perfect guidelines for SMART BEGINNERS....🤓


Sushil Kumar Maurya
Sushil Kumar Maurya
Jan 24, 2021

I m satisfied....with ur thoughts

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