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Alcohol Guide: To the Different Types of Liquors

Wanna Boose. Let's do it my way.

Liquor is just a word for alcoholic beverages that are made of grains like whiskey, vodka, rum etc. In some parts, we call them spirits as well. Drinking is a privilege.

We have a different mindset and a very unique way of looking at alcoholic drinks. It’s a boon and a bane depending who you consider it.

Let me share an idea about Alcoholic drinks.

Brandy, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, and Whiskey are the most popular types of alcohol.

These all are distilled using similar methods; each one has its own uniqueness and flavors.

You have always heard about the demerits of consuming hard drinks. Well we all are aware of the effects of alcohol and we should not consider this in our daily routine, however it has a brighter picture as well.

Let me take you to the benefits of having alcoholic drinks.


Brandy is a household name especially in winters.

Every father has given brandy to their kids to prevent them from getting cold and cought.

  1. It boosts immunity.

  2. Improves health issues.

  3. Prevents cold and cough

  4. It reduces the risk of cancer.


Beer is always famous for damaging livers, however the best part it's keeping your cholesterol level checked and keeping kidney stones aside.

If you are trying for the first time try light beer, once your palette is used to it. Try and explore different beers.

Cheers Guys.


This is the most classy type of alcohol. I believe it has less evils than any other drinks. If a person consumes in limits, wine can act as a medicine as well.

  1. It can reduce depression

  2. Pumps your heart well and makes it healthy.

  3. It can help in curing cancer.

  4. It glows your skin and makes you feel young.


It reminds me of my college days. If you are looking for weight loss. Try Vodka. It's one of the best medicines for stress management and for blood pressure. It improves digestion.

Let's enjoy a glass of vodka, guys. Cheers for the day.


Gin is the best vodka substitute. What I have seen is people drink Gin over vodka because vodka has a milder taste than Gin. Both are very distinctive to each other.

  1. It also helps in reducing weight loss.

  2. It reduces the inflammation in joints and helps in arthritis.

  3. It also improves your digestion.

  4. It makes your skin healthy.


It's a strong alcoholic drink from Mexico. Everyone has a different way of consuming tequila.

We usually consume Tequila in clubs, parties. However it has loads of benefits which we might not be aware of.

  1. It lowers your blood sugar level.

  2. It helps in regulating cholesterol level.

  3. It has probiotics and prebiotics.


If we talk about rum, I personally feel it holds a load of benefits.

It has the potential of longevity.

It has medical properties which can be helpful in the common cold.

Always try to consume Rum in winters as it keeps you warm.


It's the most consumable alcoholic beverage across the globe. There are different types of whiskey like single malt scotch whisky and blended scotch whisky.

You can choose your brand depending on taste and price.

Let me share some recommended whisky: Glenlivet, Macallan and Glenmorangie are top single malt scotch, whereas chivas regal, Johnnie walker are popular scotch whisky.

  1. It prevents diabetics and cancer.

  2. It increases your brain power.

  3. It helps in weight loss.

My recommendation is Black and white blended scotch whisky. It's one of the smooth whiskeys I have come across.

“ I think I need a drink now” Cheers.

Desi Gyan

Drinking alcohol can lead to a lot of laughter, crazy antics, and fun. Always drink responsibly.


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