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How to start a conversation with someone you like

Getting close is something that is very natural to most of us, although it can make some of us feel very awkward and complicated.

It happens to most of us that even when you think you have done almost everything, things still don't go in your favor. You struggle to find the best possible way to start.

If you feel like struggling in approaching someone, expressing your feelings, talking to someone, then there is no need to worry. This blog will help you and guide you a little further.

Eye contact

Eye contact is the first technique to know if someone is interested in you. Try and make eye contact. According to science and technology, people feel confident whenever they maintain eye contact. Make the other person feel your honesty and authenticity. Always smile while meeting a person and start making eye contact right from the beginning which will give you confidence.

Being humorous

Being humorous/funny attracts people. Always make it light and funny. Try and stay away from complicated things. Don't try to crack jokes, try to have conversations that have laughs.

Be real and yourself

Always try to be yourself. be real Don't try to act. always be yourself. Try to engage in the best and most genuine talks. Avoid anything that makes the situation uncomfortable. If you do some of that on your own, you'll be presenting yourself as a fake and not a real person.

Good listener

Always respect the speaker. Being a good listener is a healthy habit. Ask questions and listen to what she has to say. If she sees that you are interested in her, she will talk more and spend more time with you. In debates and arguments, girls dislike what you are trying to prove to yourself.

Body language.

This is the most important thing that people don't realize. When you smile at someone or someone smiles at you, you feel really special. Try and pay attention to other body languages as well. You can guess whether she is showing interest in you or ignoring you. Maintain eye contact that will give you confidence and show seriousness.


Asking questions helps you in getting to know each other. If you have spoken to the person before like over the video call and noticed a wristwatch quite regularly, ask why it's special to them or maybe something different. Try and ask questions. This will show them you are very interested in talking and gives them the opportunity to grow the relationship.


It's an expression of praise and admiration. Compliments are boosters that make them happy and they will try to spend more time with you. Always compliment the person every once in a while.


Approaching is an art, a necessity, and a natural instinct.

However, you have to make sure that you are compatible with each other for a long-lasting and healthy relationship.


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