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How to set your daily life to achieve your goals

It is the most desirable task that everyone wants to achieve.

I trace it through the internet or other sources to know how many people consider it their goal? And the number I got was no surprise because I knew it was an issue.

80 to 85% of people fail to achieve their goals because of their daily life.

Here's Issue in achieving a goal is... I want to do ?But I am unable to do because I don't have time for it.

And the goal can be anything.

I want to learn guitar, I want to explore the world, I want to build my website, I want to build a body, etc.

The goal or dream depends from person to person but these are getting affected due to paucity of time or I can say lack of planning/scheduling/time management etc.

So as I said in each and every blog I frame the blog based on my real-life experience.This too is a part of that.

You know, a few years ago it was an impossible task for me to wake up at 7 in the morning, and I took many efforts to achieve it and I was able to achieve it only for a day or two and then the same.

So I started analyzing that what is the cause of failure? Then I found that the issue lies in planning and discipline. And then I started working on it and now I have achieved since last 2 years I wake up at 7 in the morning whether it is weekend or holiday

After that, I achieved many such goals which I wanted and I redefine or create new goals that I will definitely achieve


Now my life is completely changed what I wanted to do and now I am doing it and it makes you feel good which is the best feeling anyone can get and it is incomparable.

So guys i want to share how i was able to do this? with you so that you can also...

I only did two things

  1. Planning.

  2. Discipline.


Planning means that I plan my daily life in such a way that other important tasks/things are not affected.

First I choose the important things that I want to do on daily basis


  1. Essential body chores: Bathing, Eating, etc

  2. Work (Job)

  3. Relax: by watching tv/ listening to music, or playing games

  4. Sleep.

  5. family/friend

Second I calculate how much time/hours should I spend on them?

  1. Essential body chores : 3 hours a day

  2. Work: 10 hours a day including transit

  3. Rest: 1 hour a day

  4. Family/Friends: 1 hour a day

  5. Sleeping: 7 hours a day

Now I get 2 hours a day and friends my work is 5 days in a week i.e. on weekend Saturday and Sunday i will get 20 hours because I don't have to go to a job on weekends.

So in calculations, I have 30 hours that come from 2 hours per day over 5 days, and 20 hours from weekends.

So per month, I have 120 hours which is equal to 5 days.

So in this, I can plan to do anything in these hours like learning a new language, learning new technology, or working on my dream project, etc.

But these are only theoretical and to achieve it practically is the major task? And would it be possible?

Yes, I can achieve this only by adopting discipline.


Before proceeding, I want to talk about sleep first because it is an important aspect of life and if we do it in the right way it means we have achieved 90 percent discipline and then we have to move on to the rest 10 percent.

How much sleep is enough?

7 hours is enough

At what time should you sleep?

10 o'clock in the night or those who are working at night can adjust it according to their need

What time should wake up?

7 AM or adjust as per your requirement.

Now about discipline?

Train yourself to perform obedience tasks at the appropriate times.

for example

If you have made a timetable for yourself then your biggest priority is to follow the rule.

Like if you have made that you should have breakfast at 10 to 10.30 and without any reason you forgot it then leave it and not having breakfast is your punishment.

Reward yourself

You should reward yourself for following the discipline so that you can motivate yourself to do the same.

Like weekend moving plans, favorite food, favorite web series and games, etc.

But don't spend much time on this otherwise the plan will get affected and it is better to plan this while planning.

Working on planning and discipline sounds easy but it is not.

Many things come your way while working on it but ignore or avoid them to stick with your plan and discipline.

After some time you will find that your life is changing and you will get a lot of confidence and inner strength and you will be able to achieve any goal.


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