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Tips to Stay Healthy While Working Around the Clock

On this planet. Who doesn't want to be healthy? Answer it Everyone wants but is not able to do it

Mahatma Gandhi says-: It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

A healthy lifestyle is the sum of total internal and external things that a person follows in order to enjoy living.

I know, Nowadays People do not get enough time to focus on their health because they are a money-making machine.

And like me, most people give priority to Health Until we do not get any serious issue.

Guys, you know that for healthy living we should keep ourselves healthy.

Here I am not saying like many youtubers or websites that you have to focus more on exercise and healthy to stay healthy because I know that it is not possible to cut a big slice of hours from the daily schedule to do these things. , Although we know it's important to us and still don't care about it.

On the other hand, according to me, if there is something that we can do with our routine and will give some positivity for our health and will not even disrupt my daily schedule then the thing that I can definitely do….

A famous quote -: Something is Better than Nothing.

I have changed my routine a little and found a good result and after the 3 weeks, I feel too good and energetic... And I am sure If you guys try, you guys will love it.......Let's Start
  1. I started getting up 15 minutes early.

  2. First thing in the morning I drink 2 glasses of water with five drops of basil. (Panchatatva Tulsi)

  3. I have 15 minutes because I get up15 minutes early so i do exercises see Morning 15 minute workout table in 10-15 minutes

  4. I started consuming 4 liters of water per day

  5. I started walking 1000 step after Lunch and Dinner.

  6. I started taking dinner 3 hours before bed

  7. I started eating one fruit daily for breakfast to fulfill my daily vitamins need.

  8. I started eating one green vegetable in Dinner.

  9. I started drinking One glass tone Milk at Bed time to fulfill my daily calcium needs.

  10. I started to include more proteins foods in my lunch like Paneer, Soya bean etc to fulfill my daily Protein Needs.

  11. I started to consume a more green salad with every meal to help in digestions.

  12. I started to Chew Food more 36 times in Mouth ,Which ease to help in digestions.

  13. I try to be happy every day, for this I read jokes on the internet because I laugh and I also try to make others laugh by telling jokes which makes me happy....A Perfect Stress Buster.

  14. I have a sitting job, so I prefer not to sit constantly for hours so after an hour I just stand or walk for a while.

  15. When I get a break, I like to do chair yoga. : Three minute chair yoga


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