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How to Write Test Cases For Software Application?

Writing a test case is the first and important step for testing an application, Testcases are soul of testing like a foundation of building. If the foundation is not strong then the building will collapse in such a way that if the test case is not well written it means That the quality of the application does not mark up. Testing is drive from test cases, so how well the test cases is written means how far the application has been tested

The following points should be included while writing the test cases

  1. Test cases should be written on an end-user basis.

  2. The test cases should be in such a way that a non-technical person should be able to execute the test cases and be confident of passing or failing the test case.

  3. Test cases should cover the functionality and requirement.

  4. Each test case must be independent and have a unique identity such as test case ID.

  5. Try writing the test case in a tabular format because it is the most likely and readable test case format.

  6. Test cases should be defined on the test type such as functional tests, regression tests, performance tests, etc.

  7. Test cases columns/heading should be more descriptive.

  8. Test cases should have

  • Test Cases Id

  • Test Objective

  • Test Steps

  • Test Expected

  • Test Actual Output

  • Test Status

Test Cases Id

This means giving a unique test case number to a test case that makes it different from other test cases, and it also helps eliminate duplicate test cases ... how?

Mention the test case ID number as prerequisite instead of rewriting it.

Test Objective

It means what is the test objective of this test case? What is the test going to be?

Mention the purpose ... just

Test Step

This is the most important section. This section should be well descriptive

Basically this section states ... how are we going to test?

This section is further split into 3 parts

Test Environment

It defines the platform on which testing will performed.

Test Data

It defines the input data through which testing performed

Steps to Test

This contains the Steps to test to acheive objective.

Test Expected

This section explains the expected result of test cases upon execution.

Test Actual Output

This Section is left blank while writing test cases and put the test result After test execution.

Test Status

This Section is left blank while writing test cases and mention Pass and Fail on the basis of Test Expected and Test Actual Behavior

Sample Test Case

Have a look on above image...

This is the subscribe form of

This form contain two element

Element1 - "Email Address" Text Box

Element2 - "Submit" Button

Please Find the Test Cases in the Attached File

Download CSV • 1KB


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