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Automation Testing Vs Manual Testing

This is a million-dollar question ...

Everyone has their own opinion on this but most said that automation tester are better I will not define here what is manual testing or automation testing? There are millions of sites or YouTube channels and many social platforms that can answer this .....

As my blog tagline that I am driving everything through the experience and here are my thoughts on it.

I can say that manual testing is very reliable and best compared to automation testing.

You know that automation testing has no basis because before doing automation everyone is making sure that the functionality is working and verifying it manually.

If I ask a question why does the company hire QA? The answer is to verify and validate the product in terms of quality and to deliver the best quality product.

Both types of testing Automation or Manual are doing by humans. Do not think that automation testing is being done by a machine or robot.We are doing coding for test scenarios in prefer programming language which called automation.

The automation tester mainly focuses on coding, code optimization, learning different programming languages, frameworks or these types of things ... and gives less approach to testing, he never thinks that his first goal is to validate the product using testing skills

On the other hand, The Manual Tester is doing all of those things, its basic goal being to focus on testing. They are active in finding system issues. I'm not sure why people prefer the automation tester over the manual tester. But in reality, Automation tester is like a developer that switches their profile from developer to tester, but their mindset is not switched, there they are developing features, here they develop existing test cases written by manual tester are doing.

I am sure many readers do not agree but this is the reality


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