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Essential “To-Do’s” Before You Travel Abroad

Traveling abroad is a feeling of a lifetime. It's an experience which you cherish throughout your life.

These memories bring a smile to your face. It's a beautiful emotion with lifetime experiences, here I will share my emotions/hacks which can be helpful or you can consider while traveling abroad for the first time.

Let's start...


You should have a valid passport at least 6 months before thinking of going abroad. You can apply for passport using this link for Indian citizen Passport Seva Home | Indian Passport | Passport | Passport Seva Project (

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It's better to apply for the passport on your own instead of contacting any agent. Bcoz they will charge you extra and ask for a list of documents which are present on the Passport website. It's easy and convenient and you can watch videos online and  save money.


Always plan for a visa before last minute rush.You can search for it on the country's official website and the procedure for applying. You can take help and check on travel portals for visas and their requirements. This is like a pass which allows you to enter the country and is required for entry and exit.


This is the most fun part. Booking tickets is part of brainstorming as you get lots of options with different airlines.

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I usually search for tickets on travel agent portals and book tickets on airline websites. Through this you can save the cost of the travel agent and in case of cancellation you will get more money, because travel agents cut their commissions.

Always book tickets with cancellation option which gives you benefits in case of date change/ cancellation.

You can take travel insurance which is very cheap if you book from the airline.


When it comes to food, I always ask myself one question: Is food the real reason for traveling?

When you try different cuisines, food from different cultures it's a blessed feeling to have.

I still remember my Shrimp rice which I tried in thailand.

*** Hack *** 
1. If you are a foodaholic try street foods, local vendors instead of Dine in restaurants. You will have the best food and endup saving a lot of money.
If you are restricted and have limited options must try and carry packet foods and ready to eat food. These are life savers specially for vegetarians.

2. If you hold a credit card, you can check for international lounge access and enjoy free food. Please check with your credit card first.


Keep a Political map with you. Download offline maps and you can use google translate in case of Non english nation.

Travel Guidelines

Check travel guidelines for the respected country on their official website and carry extra xerox copies. In the case of e-visa, I always carry return tickets and hotel reservations.


Pack your bags and get ready for travel. Try to carry trolley bags as they are more convenient while traveling. Always Pack light and check with airlines for baggage allowance and try to carry laptop and electronic accessories in different bags. Always weigh your bags before reaching the airport. You may pay extra in case of extra baggage.


Save money and more travel. This is what I believe in. Prioritize things in advance. Search for discounts over the internet or you can club different places and get discounts.

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If you have decided for places to explore, search for pricing on the internet or you can call them directly for pricing. You will see the difference. You can grab better deals for cabs, tickets, hotel reservations.
When I was traveling to Phuket. I checked the hotel pricing on the internet via a travel     agent and ended up booking a hotel on the hotel website. I pre booked my cruise for Phi Phi island to save upto 50 Dollars. Always check before booking.


Most interesting part is money. The first question comes to my mind is How much to carry,how much to spend. Is it safe to travel with cash/foriegn currency?

*** Hack *** 
Use forex cards for safety. You don’t have to take the pain of carrying it. You can check with the local bank for forex cards. You can carry multiple currency forex cards.

For better deals in buying/selling rate, try and check with your bank first. You will get a better price as compared to airports.

During my time, I got the card from the HDFC and I exchanged the money from a local forex shop.


The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. I still have a glimpse of monasteries, markets, food I tried and the people I met. Culture is something which gets encapsulated within you and stays forever.


Buy a souvenir

It's a symbol of memory which you will cherish all your life.


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