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What should be the essential thing that every traveler should carry?

Hello friends!!!

What is the essential item that every traveler should carry?

This question is always on my mind and doesn't get the right answer and many times I forget the things that I think it should be with me in the journey

So on this, from my past travel experience, I have made a small checklist regarding the basic essentials that every traveler should carry.

Now it is helping me a lot so I will share it with you and hope it will help you to some extent as well.

But before sharing, I would say one thing that the essential required for the trip depends on the travel mode like solo travel, traveling with family, traveling with friends, domestic travel, international travel etc and the purpose of travel like adventure travel, expedition etc.

Considering this, I have created a basic travel essentials checklist that will be applicable to all travel modes.

Lets Start...

Identity Proof

Always carry government ID proof that proves your identity like passport, driving license holder, ID card etc.

Travel Insurance

Always take a travel insurance it really helps a lot if you need to know more about it just get through my blog

Travel Adapter

Always Cary a universal travel adapter as per your digital devices, Sometimes our devices is not compatible with the sockets of the travel destination.

Mosquito Repellent Cream

Always Cary a good mosquito repellent cream,It is the one of best essentials things when traveler is campaign or staying in budget friendly accommodation.


Always Cary a Digital / Go pro camera to capture a memory pic or memory videos (Do not replace this with mobile's camera).


Always Cary a Padlock,It's often overlooked one of those things you don't realize it is useful until you need it.

Microfiber Towel

Always Cary a Microfiber towel,It is the one of best essentials things when traveler is campaign or staying in budget friendly accommodation And a microfiber towel does this job in a pleasant way and doesn't take too much volume and dry quickly.

Travel Wallet

Always Cary a travel wallet ,it is very useful while traveling because it can organize the thing in systematic manner for currency,changes,Id documents etc.

Day Backpack

Always Cary a Day Backpack, Whether you are going to urban,rural ,beach or mountains It helps a lot in exploring a place with a carrying a useful stuff throughout the day.

Power Bank

Always Cary a mobile power bank,sometime in traveling our mobile phones get discharge and there is no way to charge it back and unable to make or receive urgent calls in that case it very useful.

Water Purifier Bottle

A good branded water purifier bottle ,it is not a one of the essential thing but it is good if you carry and it can purify the water in 20 second. It is also good initiative for environment too for not purchase a Plastic water bottle and with this one traveler can able to drink any drinkable water because it clean the water and kills the bacteria and virus and remove the harmful chemicals.


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