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Why does the Software Tester/QA need to be Aggressive During Testing?

This question has always been on my mind and I believe the same with others…

First of all, I want to clarify that being aggressive here does not mean that you have to fight or yell at your co-workers/employees or look at them rudely or arrogantly.

Aggressive here means that the QA should be proactive and think out of the box and try to test the application with different scenarios, which focus more on negative testing and ask questions on it.

The QA should always think from the end-user point of view and try to think about what challenges the end-user will face with this implementation. Is it helpful to him?

If he finds something and it is less serious but it affects the end-user, then the QA should be aggressive in making his point known to the team.

Hey, let me share my little experience with you, from there I was stuck on aggressive ...

And my team was testing a Finacial domain application and a member of my team found a bug that was on the transaction. We log the issue as a QA team and give it a high severity but the whole team has placed that issue as a low priority because this bug is caused by an edge case and this scenario is just now Has not happened yet.Therefore, as part of a team, we also agree and we did not try to convince them.After 6 months we received a production bug and found out that one of the users had lost a large amount due to the bug. After analyzing the root cause of this, we come to know that it is due to that bug ...

If we had convinced the team by putting our point more aggressively at that time then it would not have been a production bug.

Key Points as Aggressive Software Tester/QA

  1. - Think beyond imagination.

  2. - Proactive

  3. - Do negative testing.

  4. - Take the perspective of the end-user

  5. - Explain bug's importance by giving different examples.


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