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Tips For Parents To Support Their Children During Exam Time

As we know, exam time becomes a stressful time for many students and parents and this tension will remain until results are declared. Sometimes children are worried about their parents' stress.

As a parent, we cannot change the situation but we can help them in many manners at the time of examination which will be fruitful.

Now, we are going to discuss some points to overcome this and I am sure it will be helpful if you follow it


Do not Pressure

We know you’re stressed, probably even more than your child. But when the exam date nears, it’s time to back off and let the child be calm.

During the exams, the students have to deal with the immense pressure of scoring high. Additionally, a difficult syllabus and other academic factors cause high stress among school students that lead many to commit suicide each year.

At this point, it is important for parents to be aware of all the stress factors of students' lives and to avoid setting unrealistic goals for them. Instead of pushing your child to study, parents should give soft encouragement and motivate their children to give their best in the exam.

It is important to assure students that you are there for them and that you will support them regardless of their results.

Time Management

Time management plays an important role in exams,

So parents should help their child prepare a timetable for their exams, thus designing the timetable, which includes revising, writing letters.

Make sure that some time is set aside for rest and recreation.

Make sure each day is balanced and still help students meet their study goals,

Initially, they may also need guidance to help them stay on schedule. At this stage, a parent can show their support and help their children follow it.

Do Not Compare Your Child With Others

You may have heard many people say that you should never compare your child with others.

Each child is unique and you should celebrate their differences and uniqueness.

Your child may also have a designer, writer or dancer.

Even if your child is not able to achieve high grades in a particular subject, he or she may still have the ability to be brilliant at something else.

Every child has their own strengths and they can help them succeed in the long run by allowing them to build.

Exams are not the only criteria for success in life and parents should help their child identify and nurture areas of strength.

Monitor your Child's Diet and Sleep

Many students get so busy with their study schedules, that their basic routines get disturbed like eating and sleeping which have an impact on health.

So you have to make sure that the child is getting proper diet and sleep and encourage the child to do some exercises like meditate or playing physical games like cricket etc.

Introduce some fruits and juices in the diet and If you know that the child is not getting proper sleep, please encourage him to take a power nap to feel refreshed.

Health is Real Wealth.

Reward your child, Not Bribe

If you will set goals for the entire preparation journey and reward each goal with the child's favorite items, your child will perform better. and Please make sure it is not a bribe it is just an incentive, there is a pinpoint differnce between bribe and incentive.

Reward motivate your child to give his best in the exam, Do not give expensive gifts it comes under bribe. However, a family meal or going for watching a movie is a good idea as it will also help relieve pressure.

Experts believe that students perform better if you will have goals set for their entire preparation journey and reward each goal with a mini-prize to motivate them.

Please make sure, Do not give false promises, It will break the child's potential and make him demotivate.

Turn off the Digital Distraction For a Few Days

Movies, computer games, chit-chat friends, the Internet - every student has a special distraction; All you have to do is find out which one is interfering with your child's education and how to deal with it properly.

Encourage the child to focus on giving the best during the exam

You have to deal with the problem that distracts your child, stop it instead of removing it, just remember that your child likes it.

After The Exam

The timing after an exam is very important and should be handled well.

At this time your child needs someone to share their feelings, fears, and concerns about the paper and the impending outcome.

Listen to the side of the story and give them your sweet time to discuss the paper without judgment.

If he has done well then just give him a shout but avoid pointing out mistakes.

While we might think that this helps a child learn from their mistakes, it does more harm than good by bringing down their morale, especially when they have put all their efforts.

Be with your children at their critical time and they will be with you At yours....


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