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3 best ways to close an interview

The interview is almost over. Till now, everything went well. You showed confidence and answered every question

Then in the end the interviewer asked Do you have any questions?

You don't have to say no, even if your interview went well and you think you understand the role, don't miss this opportunity to make yourself more memorable by asking thoughtful questions.

your questions should be like following

Next Step?

Ask a question that shows you are thinking about the future. Questions like, "How do you see this role growing in the future?" or "Where do you see this department in five years?" Shows that you're thinking long-term and are interested in what's next for the role.

Goals and Expectations?

Ask about the short-term goals of the position.

This question shows that you are actively looking to "hit the ground running" if you have been hired. And, it clearly indicates that you care about making a difference in the job rather than filling slots in the company.

"What are some short-term goals of the position?" or, "What are the goals of achieving this position in the next quarter?"

"How will you measure my success, and how do I know if I have met your expectations?

Show your interest

Show interest in the job. The last question you should ask in every interview is bold and interesting. Of course, you are serious and want a job. End the interview with a question that continues the process. Use something like,

"I think this role is perfect for me. I've worked in this industry for XX years and to be honest, I'm very passionate about this job."

Ending the interview this way is as important as your first impression. Use this time as an opportunity to show that you are not just looking for a job. Instead, you are serious and determined to add value to the organization and are driven to make a positive impact.


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